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This is the online home of Version Control with SVK, a free book about SVK, a new version control system designed to supplant everything else out there.

This is a place to read HTML and PDF versions of the book. We'll do our best to keep the site up-to-date. As SVK development continues, the product will continue to grow new features, and we plan to continue documenting those changes.

Online Versions of the Book

The following versions of the book are available online:

Nightly Build (for SVK 1.04)

The book is still a work-in-progress, so we ask that you do not bookmark or link to these versions.


For feedback on the book or this website, contact If you have spotted errors in the book, please do the following things:

  1. Check the XML sources to see if the problem still exists. They are available at svn:// If so, report the problem to the mailing list above. If you have a suggested fix for the problem, that's even better — just include a patch against the XML sources in your mail (and include the word [PATCH] in the subject line).
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In the future this book will be translated to other languages. If you are interested in starting such a translation contact the authors.

Michael L. H. Brouwer
Russell Brown