svk commit — Send changes from your working copy to the repository.


svk commit [PATH...]


Send changes from your working copy to the repository. If you do not supply a log message with your commit by using either the --file or --message switch, svk will launch your editor for you to compose a commit message. See the editor-cmd section in the section called “”.


If you begin a commit and SVK launches your editor to compose the commit message, you can still abort without committing your changes. If you want to cancel your commit, just quit your editor without saving your commit message and Subversion will prompt you to either abort the commit, continue with no message, or edit the message again.

Alternate Names

ci (short for “check in”; not “co”, which is short for “checkout”)


Working copy, depot, mirrored repository

Accesses Depot


Accesses Mirrored Repository

Yes, if committing to a mirrored depot path


--message (-m)
--file (-F)
--encoding ENC
--patch (-P) NAME
--sign (-S)
--check-only (-C)
--non-recursive (-N)


Commit a simple modification to a file with the commit message on the command line and an implicit target of your current directory (“.”):

$ svk commit --message "added howto section."
Sending        a
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 3.

Commit a modification to the file foo.c (explicitly specified on the command line) with the commit message in a file named msg:

$ svk commit --file msg foo.c
Committed revision 5.

To commit a file scheduled for deletion:

$ svk commit --message "removed file 'c'."
Committed revision 7.

To recursively commit all changes to the working copy you run:

$ svk commit
Waiting for editor...
    <svk will launch your favorite editor here, with a buffer open
    that looks something like this:>

=== Targets to commit (you may delete items from it) ===
M   /Users/sally/calc/integer.c
A   /Users/sally/calc/foo.c


Sometimes you may wish only to commit a subset of the changes in a working copy. For example in the case above let's assume you wish to only commit the change to integer.c. You would edit the buffer to look like:

Fixed typo in documentation.
=== Targets to commit (you may delete items from it) ===
M   /Users/sally/calc/integer.c

When you save the commit message and exit the editor, SVK will only commit the files still listed below the === Targets to commit (you may delete items from it) === line in the commit message.