svk depotmap — Create or edit the depot mapping configuration.


depotmap --list
depotmap --detach [DEPOTNAME|REPOPATH]
depotmap --relocate [DEPOTNAME|REPOPATH] REPOPATH2


The first form will launch you preferred editor and show you a list of DEPOTNAME: REPOPATH mappings. You can add or remove new mappings in your editor, rename depots, or move where the repository for a depot is—it won't move it but you can update the location in the depotmap after you have moved the repository yourself. After you save the depotmap and exit the editor svk will ask you to create repositories for each of the new depot entries you have made.

The second form will display a list of depotname and corresponding repository location pairs.

The third form will remove the specified depot from the depotname to repository path mappings. However it will not delete the repository that the depot referred to.

The fourth form allows you to let svk know you moved the repository for a depot to a new location.

Alternate Names




Accesses Depot


Accesses Mirrored Repository



--init (-i)
--list (-l)
--detach (-d) [DEPOTNAME|REPOPATH]


Create the default depot the first time you use svk:

$ svk depotmap --init
Repository /Users/sally/.svk/local does not exist, create? (y/n)y

Add a depot named tmp in /tmp/tmp— this isn't a good place to store a real depot but works for this example:

$ svk depotmap /tmp/ /tmp/tmp
New depot map saved.
Repository /tmp/tmp does not exist, create? (y/n)y

Show a listing of depots and their corresponding Subversion repositories:

$ svk depotmap --list
Depot                   Path
//                      /Users/sally/.svk/local
/tmp/                   /tmp/tmp

Move the repository for the /tmp/ depot we just created to a different location:

$ mv /tmp/tmp /tmp/tmp-repository
$ svk depotmap --relocate /tmp/ /tmp/tmp-repository
Depot 'tmp' relocated to '/tmp/tmp-repository'.

Get rid of the /tmp/ depot and the repository for it:

$ svk depotmap --detach /tmp/
Depot 'tmp' detached.
$ rm -rf /tmp/tmp-repository

Note that in all the examples above you could use plain tmp instead of /tmp/ to refer to the depot as well.