svk merge — Apply differences between two sources.


svk merge --revision N:M DEPOTPATH [WCPATH]
svk merge --revision DEPOTPATH1 DEPOTPATH2
svk merge --revision N:M [--to|--from] [WCPATH]


TODO ## In the first and second forms, the source paths (URLs in the first form, working copy paths in the second) are specified at revisions N and M. These are the two sources to be compared. The revisions default to HEAD if omitted.

In the third form, SOURCE can be a URL or working copy item, in which case the corresponding URL is used. This URL, at revisions N and M, defines the two sources to be compared.

WCPATH is the working copy path that will receive the changes. If WCPATH is omitted, a default value of “.” is assumed, unless the sources have identical basenames that match a file within “.”: in which case, the differences will be applied to that file.

Unlike svk diff, the merge command takes the ancestry of a file into consideration when performing a merge operation. This is very important when you're merging changes from one branch into another and you've renamed a file on one branch but not the other.

Alternate Names



Working copy if merging to a working copy. Depot if merging to a depotpath, and mirrored repository if the destination is a mirrored depotpath.

Accesses Depot


Accesses Mirrored Repository

Only if merging to a mirrored path.


--revision (-r) REV
--change (-c) REV
--incremental (-I)
--auto (-a)
--log (-l)
--sync (-s)
--to (-t)
--from (-f)
--message (-m)
--file (-F)
--encoding ENC
--patch (-P) NAME
--sign (-S)
--check-only (-C)


Merge a branch back into the trunk (assuming that you have a working copy of the trunk, and that the branch was created in revision 250):

$ svk merge --revision 250:HEAD //branches/my-branch
U  myproj/tiny.txt
U  myproj/thhgttg.txt
U  myproj/win.txt
U  myproj/flo.txt

If you branched at revision 23, and you want to merge changes on trunk into your branch, you could do this from inside the working copy of your branch:

$ svk merge --revision 23:30 //trunk/vendors
U  myproj/thhgttg.txt

To merge changes to a single file:

$ cd myproj
$ svk merge --revision 30:31 thhgttg.txt 
U  thhgttg.txt