svk resolved — Remove “conflicted” state on working copy files or directories.


svk resolved PATH...


Remove “conflicted” state on working copy files or directories. This routine does not semantically resolve conflict markers; it merely removes conflict-related artifact files and allows PATH to be committed again; that is, it tells Subversion that the conflicts have been “resolved”. See the section called “Resolve Conflicts (Merging Others' Changes)” for an in-depth look at resolving conflicts.

Alternate Names



Working copy

Accesses Depot


Accesses Mirrored Repository



--recursive (-R)


If you get a conflict on an update, and you decide to skip resolving it at update time, your file will have conflict markers in it and it will be marked as in conflict by svk:

$ svk update
Syncing //calc(/calc) in /Users/sally/calc to 11.
Conflict found in integer.c:
e)dit, d)iff, m)erge, s)kip, t)heirs, y)ours, h)elp? [e] 
    You type s<return>
C  integer.c
$ cat integer.c 
/* integer.c */
>>>> YOUR VERSION integer.c 112192333646711

#include <conflict.h>
==== ORIGINAL VERSION integer.c 112192333646711
==== THEIR VERSION integer.c 112192333646711

#define ZERO  0
#define ONE   1
<<<< 112192333646711

Once you've resolved the conflict and integer.c is ready to be committed, run svk resolved integer.c to let SVK know you've taken care of everything.